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Substance Abuse and Consortiums

RMR Consultants has contracted with a major Laboratory and MRO service to provide a complete Drug Testing Program at a competitive rate and also insure the necessary documentation is provided to you and the DOT Auditors at time of audit. When they request the “Annual Summaries” you will have them for the time period you are with our program.

Our program includes periodic random selection of drivers for drug and alcohol testing. This selection process is provided from the drivers you provide us and we will contact you prior to each selection to update our records, to insure the selection is from your current drivers. This is an important area often over looked but questioned by the DOT “Why was a Driver selected and not processed”. This could lead to violations cited. This selection is made from only your drivers when you have more than 8 drivers.


RMR Consultants maintains a “Consortium” for smaller fleets and Owner Operators. A consortium will take your drivers and mix them with drivers from other companies in order to provide a larger base for random selection. This is accepted and approved by the Regulations and is recommended for fleets with 8 or less drivers.

This program can be structured to provide a one fee per year per driver or on a test by test basis. Often companies with Owner Operators pass along the cost of drug testing and the one fee per year works well.

In either program we can provide you with a Substance Abuse Policy that meets all requirements specified in the regulations.

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