RMR Consultants supply drivers and partners with ON-BOARD DRUG TESTING KITS These kits contain all necessary supplies for a drug collection. The cost includes the laboratory and MRO fees. All results are reported back to the person specified. ON-BOARD DRUG TESTING KITS are designed for drivers to meet D.O.T. requirements if necessary for random or accident related drug and alcohol testing on the road.

RMR Consultants also work with companies to develop necessary reviews, qualifications and referrals necessary to help them adhere to regulations set forth by D.O.T.

(All companies are required to have a substance abuse policy that meets the requirements set out in the regulations.)

Contact RMR Consultants today to schedule a comprehensive review based on your specific needs.

These are all the forms necessary to build and maintain a driver qualification file. All forms meet DOT requirements and are personalized with your company’s name, address, and telephone numbers pre-printed on them, where needed. This comes to you in Microsoft Office Word format and distributed on the CD-ROM. Why pay for and store printed forms?

We also offer a Substance Abuse Policy that meets the DOT requirements.

Since the documents are in Microsoft Office Word format you can edit the information to be more specific to your company’s needs. The below samples show a portion of the forms:

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Driver File Forms