Driver Log/Hours of Service Audits

We feel this is in an important tool for carriers to use in providing on-going training to drivers as well as monitoring their hours of service violations to insure all drivers are complying with the Rules in Part 395. This along with a good disciplinary policy for non-compliance is a step towards total DOT COMPLIANCE.

All carries should be performing a regular audit of their driver’s logs and hours of service records. This could consist of time cards for local drivers, logs for over the road drivers or a combination of time cards and logs for drivers that do both types of work. This should be performed at least once a month or even twice a month would be better. The more frequent the audit could help in getting the results back to the driver faster so that they can take corrective action for the future.

Our audit consists of taking the log and reviewing each one to insure it is properly filled out according to the regulations. We then input it into our computer system to insure the Hours of Service Regulations are complied with. This will also check for the maximum speed allowed by your company on an average for the day of the log. All major driving rule violations are manually checked to insure accuracy.

We also can perform “Falsification Audits”, by comparing the logs to other sources that contain time and date information, for example fuel tickets. Our program is setup to interface with Comdata fueling and other fuel card companies information to help in comparing this information.

We have a wide selection of reports that can be customized with valuable information on them for your review. This is in addition to an individual personalized letter to your driver, making them aware of the violations that were found. If no violations were found, we produce a “Congratulations” letter to them thanking them for their efforts.

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