As Founder of RMR Consultants Mike Rone, a Certified Fleet Safety Director, works with fleets to ensure their compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The (FMCSR) regulations are detailed and very specific, Mike Rone understands that violations of the (FMCSR) regulations, as well as the industry safety standards and practices, could possibly constitute negligence and render motor carriers (RMR potential Clients) liable to the Federal Highway Administration as well as to the general public.

RMR Consultants helps companies review and hire drivers that are "Qualified" to operate a motor vehicle either through experience, credentials and/or training. Our reviews, in most cases, support that our clients remain in compliance unlike those companies that have an overwhelming history of hiring drivers that are deemed and proven as not "qualified."

RMR Consultants is celebrating 10 Years of serving the Transportation Industry with a proven track record by successfully passing over 50 Department of Transportation compliance reviews for our satisfied clients!

RMR has a successful program that "works" in supporting clients of all sizes in the carrier business.

Attorneys benefit from doing business with RMR Consultants because Mike Rone has the “Knowledge” to help get better results and faster settlements for their clients. RMR Consultants can provide guidance from Discovery to Trial, consistently providing all the administrative documents, forms and reviews needed to assist Attorneys in a honest, professional and expedient manner.

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