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As owner and operator of RMR Consultants, Mike Rone founded his company 10 Years ago, in May of 1999, in order to bring a increasingly necessary service to a under-serviced, but highly regulated industry. Mike Rone knew the industry needed to have a more complete and accessible compliance information and resources. He felt that RMR Consultants could provide professional advice regarding Specialized D.O.T. Compliance, support, and information regarding Regulatory matters. RMR provides clients with knowledgeable assistance with paperwork,accounting,audits and the long list of burdensome work that companies and individuals in the carrier industry need to do business.
Webinars offer a convenient and cost effective way to receive training in the many areas of the complicated rules and regulations that Motor Carriers, Fleet operators and Owner Operators face on a day to day basis. Our two (2) hour sessions with live interaction with the presenter will give you the specific information you need for your company. Attendees can listen to questions that other Attendees are asking and learn from them as well. All of this from the convenience of your computer and telephone. In addition, after the training we will offer additional support to answer questions that you did not think of on the day of training.