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Fuel Tax Reporting

RMR Consultants has the latest in technology and uses software that is recognized to be state of the art by most IFTA jurisdictions and used by their auditors. Our staff has been fully trained on all IFTA regulations and the record keeping requirements, in addition to the software that is being utilized.

We have internal audit controls established to insure accuracy of all data entered and exception perimeters established to recognize areas that would be troublesome during an IFTA audit and insure a high degree of accuracy. Some of these are:

• High or low MPG calculations for each unit that could indicate missing miles or missing fuel receipts.
• Odometer/hubometer readings on each unit that do not match up and there are missing miles.
• Fuel purchased is States or Provinces that do not contain mileage’s being reported, by each unit.
• Gaps between starting and ending locations.

We can audit from any type of source document as long as it contains the required IFTA record keeping requirements:

• Trip Mileage Reports
• Driver Logs with Fuel Receipts
• Paper Fuel Receipts or Fuel Billing Reports
• Scanned or mailed to us

Our charges are based on a per truck per month basis and it depends on the type of documents produced for input and calculation of the taxes and reports.

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