Driver Qualification File Setup and Maintenance

When the DOT comes to audit your records the first thing, generally, the auditor will ask for is your “Driver Qualification Files”. This is the first impression the auditor will get on your Company and the efforts you are putting forth towards Compliance. Make a good impression by having your files reviewed and setup by RMR Consultants.

In order to insure files are neat the first thing we prepare for you are customized “Driver File” forms. We provide them to you on a CD-ROM so originals can be produced for each driver file from application to annual review. We provide training to all new clients on filling out the driver file forms. This live training is performed on your computer with the assistance of Go To Meeting, at a time convenient your you and your staff.

RMR Consultants will perform an audit on each existing file. An audit report on each driver file is sent to you in plain English and instructions on how to fill out each form that needs to be corrected or completed. We take all forms and neatly organize them. Each file is setup the same way making it neat and organized.

When you hire drivers, simply send us the filled out forms and we will then audit and complete the Driver Qualification file process. Driver work references and Drug and Alcohol checks are time sensitive, since the regulations give you a specific time frame to make “a reasonable attempt to secure”. Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) must be secured within 30 days of employment and yearly. We can help insure these are done in a timely manner. We will safely keep all records in our office. Should you need for an audit they will be FedEx’d to you. You have 48 hours to produce records kept off site.

We also have the capability to secure Criminal checks on a County, State or National level. It is getting more and more important to know who you are hiring and this check will help in your driver hiring process.

Our maintenance program keeps track of all expiration dates with reminders and forms sent to you when items are coming up to expire, for example annual reviews, drivers license, etc. It is our practice to re-audit every file we have at least once a year. If you have over 5 drivers we will also provide the Random Drug and Alcohol selections periodically. Companies with fewer than 5 drivers we recommend you join our Consortium.

DOT Compliance is not a one time project it is a process and we as professionals dedicate our time to insure the auditor will get a good first impression on the “Driver Qualification Files”.

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