CSA 2010 Initiative
Safety Performance Analysis

CSA 2010 is a major change to how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will review your information and is more detailed and takes in more data than the current Safe Stat System. When fully implemented your safety rating could change as often as every 30 days. All violations, not just Out of Service violations, will have a value assigned to it. This review of your operational safety information is needed to insure a pro-active program is established to control any violation of the DOT rules to maintain a Satisfactory rating. CSA 2010 is in test States now but will be nationwide beginning in late 2010. Carriers need to start accessing their data and setting up plans NOW in order to preserve their safety rating and avoid “Intervention”. This service is a review of your Roadside Inspections, Accidents and Drivers Tickets to provide suggested corrective action plans. It will also assist you, the carrier, in setting up a pro-active plan to help prevent FMCSA intervention. This service can also include the filing fee for the Unified Carrier Registration yearly and the MCS-150 filing every two years, if required under your subscription for Monthly or Quarterly reviews.

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