As owner and operator of RMR Consultants, Mike Rone founded his company 10 Years ago in May of 1999 in order to bring a increasingly necessary service to a under-serviced, but highly regulated industry. Mike Rone knew the industry needed to have a
more complete and accessible compliance information and resources. Mike Rone felt that RMR Consultants could provide
professional advice regarding Specialized D.O.T. Compliance, support, and information regarding Regulatory matters. RMR provides clients with knowledgeable and assistance with paperwork,accounting,audits and the long list of burdensome work that companies
and individuals in the carrier industry need to do business.

Mike's extensive knowledge,which covers shippers,carriers, and private fleet management, along with work with a major distributor in Dallas managing a Private Fleet Operation in 16 states and being responsible for 140 drivers, he was well qualified to
build the blueprint for RMR Consultants over support and success.

Meet the Staff:

Mike Rone

Mike Rone is a Certified Fleet Safety Director. The Certification was received through joint recognition from the Texas Motor Transportation Association and Texas A&M Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). Management positions held include:

Weighing & Inspection Manager
Traffic Manager – Rates
Terminal /Safety Manager– Truckload Carrier
Vice President of Transportation/Safety

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